Real Estate Services

Eternity Real Estate Group is here to serve. Based on founder Petr Vasicko's beliefs, the company strives to provide the highest level of service in all aspects of real estate while staying true to its core platform of honesty, integrity and utmost ethics.

The Company’s array of real estate services include brokerage, leasing for landlords and tenant representation, development, asset management, valuation and investment sales, acquisition and disposition, finance and financial underwriting, and debt and equity placement.



At Eternity Real Estate Group, we strive to make the world around a better place by developing real estate based on the best and highest use principles while pursuing the goals and desires of the owner. Through strategic planning and collaboration of experts in their respective fields which may include architects, general contractors, attorneys, municipalities and others, we work to execute our plans and vision while adhering to sustainability of each project, enhancing quality of life, providing live work and play environments and new amenities.


At Eternity Real Estate Group, we provide brokerage services to landlords and tenants with the company’s motto of “We specialize in customer satisfaction” at the very forefront of our goals. We align our interests with the client’s and provide the best, most efficient real estate solutions. Whether it is to help a company to find the perfect space or building, or help owners of real estate to find ideal tenants for their buildings we will work most diligently for our clients while staying true to the highest degree of honesty and integrity while utilizing the market knowledge, gained experience and real estate expertise.

Asset Management

At Eternity Real Estate Group, we offer asset management services to maximize the value, profitability and cash flow of real estate by ensuring that properties are managed and operated efficiently, ideal tenant mix is achieved and most beneficial financing is obtained while keeping up with the latest market trends. Through detailed analytics and financial modeling, we are able to value the real estate and determine whether disposition, acquisition or holding the real estate will yield in the best financial results to the owner.

Investment Sales

At Eternity Real Estate Group, we have the local real estate expertise and capital markets knowledge to successfully close on any real estate transaction of any size and complexity including disposition and acquisition. We have the market knowledge and expertise coupled with relationships with real estate investors ranging from local individuals through large domestic real estate funds to foreign based real estate investors to provide the highest returns in continuously changing real estate environment.


At Eternity Real Estate Group, we have the tools to underwrite any real estate transaction. With our technical skills and ability to accurately analyze the most complex transactions, we can guide individuals, real estate investors and companies of all sizes through any and all of their real estate needs and fulfill them to the greatest level of customer satisfaction. The company’s goal is to deliver success to clients through our diligent work and utilization of our unparalleled analytical tools while maintaining focus on our clients’ needs and desires.

Debt & Equity

At Eternity Real Estate Group, we master capital markets knowledge necessary to provide the most creative financing strategies for clients’ needs to the greatest level of satisfaction. We are able to seek and find the most competitive terms and most reliable executions in the debt and equity markets. Whether it is a short term, variable interest rate construction loan to build a project, refinance an existing loan with a long term, fixed interest rate, short term mezzanine bridge financing or an acquisition note with a floating interest rate convertible to a fixed interest rate, we at Eternity Real Estate Group can deliver.